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May Gardening in Bradford

Spring is a busy time in any garden. Here in the Bradford and West Yorkshire area, there are a number of seasonal tasks that crop up in May, with which Four Season Garden Maintenance can help.

First and foremost, May is a month for finishing garden clean-up, and preparing for the growing season.


Cleaning up last years leaves and deadfall, edging beds, and general maintenance of garden infrastructure should be finished in May, in order to make the tasks during the busy warmer months much easier.

Lawn care

May is an excellent time for aerating and rolling the lawn, especially if there has been soil heaving or heavy water saturation over winter. Doing basic lawn maintenance in spring means a healthier, greener, more even, and more durable grass plane in summer.

Dividing perennials

Spring bulbs like snowdrops, crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils, and tulips may come and go before or during May, they can be lifted and divided if they are growing too densely.

The same goes for clump-forming perennials like peonies, daylilies, irises, lilies, and even rhubarb: if transplanted in May, these plants will put out vigorous root growth over the spring and summer.

Planting annuals

Most annual bedding plants, as well as vegetables can be started or transplanted out in May. Flower beds, window boxes, and planters should be planted, and vegetable gardens should be weeded and tilled.

Spring Pruning

Once hedges have sprung out, and spring-flowering shrubs are spent, they should be pruned or trimmed back. Doing so will encourage dense inward growth over the rest of the season.


May is the perfect month to start dreaming big for the garden: hard landscaping features like patios, and water features like ponds can be planned and installed early in the growing season, in order to be landscaped and established over summer and autumn.


For any of the above May tasks in the garden, Four Season Garden Maintenance can provide expert, friendly, and high-quality services.

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