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June Gardening in Bradford

June is the first official month of summer, and most gardens in the Bradford and West Yorkshire area really start to come into their prime around this time of year.

There are a number of jobs to accomplish in the June garden, and Four Season Garden Maintenance can help in spaces all around the Bradford or West Yorkshire area.


If you haven’t gotten your annuals and vegetable gardens sorted, June is the time to do it! Temperatures are rising and tender, or even tropical plants can be moved to their summer homes. Getting flowers planted out in pots and hanging baskets, and planting heat-loving veggies like sweetcorn, squash, tomatoes, and cucumbers should be done right in the beginning of summer.

Hedge Trimming

The best time to trim a hedge--particularly privet or beech hedges--is just after the first flush of new growth in June. Hedges pruned at this time maintain their shape better over time, and concentrate new growth on filling inwards.


Flowers that bloom and fade can often blossom again, or at least concentrate more energy on root development, if they are clipped down right after blooming.


In June, the number of dandelions in the lawn becomes hard to ignore, as they all go to seed! It’s a great time to get started on digging them, and other weeds, out of the garden.


Thinking of installing some hard landscaping features, like a pond, or a new patio? June is a great time to suss out the spots in the garden that are most enjoyable, microclimate-wise, before planning a new installation. A patio, for example, is best situated in a sunny spot, so keep an eye on how sun exposure moves through the garden at different times of day.

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