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Vegetables to grow now

Four Season Garden Maintenance have some tips on the things you can sow now to keep your vegetable patch going right through until late autumn.

Now is the time for you to sow spring cabbages and turnips. If you want to try growing some Oriental vegetables sow them now along with any chicory and fennel you might have chosen.

It is also the right time for sowing your autumn and winter salad items. There are lots of varieties of salad items available now for what we call ‘cut and come again’ salads. They will benefit from protection to prolong their life.

If you haven’t already, plant out your leeks and other brassicas that are for your winter supply and things such as purple sprouting broccoli, kale, sprouts, parsnips, winter squash, onions, cauliflower and red cabbages. Kale is a super hardy plant and has tons of nutritional value so it will never let you down.

You can still sow some carrots now but make sure plant your seedlings with leeks on the allotment or vegetable patch as leeks repel carrot fly and carrots repel onion fly and leek moth.

If you have been far too busy this year to keep on top of your seedlings and time scales but you are still wanting to get some veggies in start shopping local.

We visited several Garden Centres in Bradford and saw a good selection of vegetables for sale to get you cracking. Don’t be put off it’s a good way to moderate how many of each variety you plant and you can see what does best and where.

You can extend your growing season by using any type of frame to grow in, and cover with some type of cloche, polytunnel or fleece.

The ‘Good Old Potato’ is easy to grow and you will almost likely now eating your tender small new potatoes. If you want to plant potatoes in July contact a specialist or a more knowledgeable garden centre/nursery which we do have in the Bradford area. Buy cold stored potato tubers which are seed potatoes that have been held back in winter for you to plant them in late summer.

Good luck with your growing.

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