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Garden Jobs for you in October

October Garden Jobs

  • Now is a good time to get out those perennial weeds and any others you can see

  • Remove any diseased or fungal material from your borders, the best way to get rid of it is to burn it to stop cross infection, never put it on you compost heap. Put it in the bin

  • Put all other garden material (not including woody stems, they won't break down) into your compost heap

  • If your not in the habit of collecting all your seeds heads from your flowers, leave them for the birds they are a good food source for building them up for winter

  • If you want to encourage wild life into your garden this winter don't be too thorough with your tidy up. The bugs and critters will be happy to use the plant debris as shelter for winter

  • If you haven't started a compost heap, now is a great time to do so. Buy one of those compost bins or knock something up out of pallets. Failing that a corner out of the way will do

  • Autumn is perfect for creating all the good ingredients you need for great compost. Save your leaves too, they will all break down in to a perfect organic feed for your spring plants and it is free!

  • You can add a variety of things to your compost heap such as vegetable peel, old bedding plants, thatch that you have raked out of your lawn, moss and grass cuttings. Include kitchen peelings and teabags they are ideal for that homemade organic mix

  • Start as you mean to go along with your compost heap and turn it over every week to help it rot down

  • Now is a great time to clean your greenhouse. If you have a power washer do this with something like Jeye's fluid or something similar, scrub the benches and pots ready for next year

  • You can empty the greenhouse close the windows and invest in a sulphur candle, they kill everything that you don't want near your precious seedlings. Read the instructions carefully!!

  • Your garden soil will be tired after a long season of producing great colour for you. It is time to pay it back by adding as much organic matter as you can move. This will put some goodness back in the soil particularly if you soil is thick and heavy. The earlier you start the better it will be, the winter weather and the worms will break it down for spring so don't worry about leaving big clumps

  • Our lovely British weather will ensure you do not need to water but, check your pots and containers. Don't let them dry out

  • If you have shrubs and trees in containers and you want to plant them in your garden, do it now. It is the perfect time for them to settle before the frost starts

  • If you have young trees (up to 4 year's old), make sure they have a circle of soil around them and use some bark/mulch to keep the moisture in to help the young roots

  • Keep you fallen leaves as we mentioned earlier and add them to your compost heap or make your own leaf mould, wet the leaves and put them in a bin liner or something similar but remember to put air holes in it. If the leaves are left on your lawn for too long you will develop yellow patches.

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