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Gardening tasks for July

Christopher Jackson from Four Season Garden Maintenance has compiled the following list of things any well educated gardener in Bradford should be doing do to keep your garden tip top in this fast approaching July:

Start pruning shoots and suckers from the trees in your garden to keep them looking tidy and help all the energy go into producing a healthy canopy of lush leaves.

Shrubs that have already flowered this season will need dead and overcrowded braches removing. Now is the best time to get that all important tidy shape you are aiming for. All these simple things promote healthy new growth ready for next year.

Start shopping for your Autumn bulbs to provide a continuous display of colour which could take you way in to the end of October/November (weather permitting).

Water your garden early in the morning or last thing at night to save the sun from scorching your beautiful greenery.

Mulch your borders as should we ever get some constant sunshine it will help to retain the moisture in to save on watering if you are always busy working.

You need to be checking your ponds and water features to see if the water level is correct. They may need a top up.

Buy some liquid feed, your gardener will have the best or be able to advise you. You can but this on your borders and feed your pot and container plants - it's a must. Usually the compost in containers, boxes and baskets only have around six weeks feed in them. You must keep up to it. It will treble the life of your flowers.

Check for different coloured patches on your lawns. Every colour tells a different story. your gardener will advise as to which feed it needs and when.

Some of your tallest flowers may need some support from canes or sticks to stop those sneaky winds breaking the stems and spoiling them.

That's it for now -

Four Season Garden Maintenance will ensure your are getting the best from your garden. Always make sure the good money you are paying is for a qualified service from an actual professional. Everything will last longer, look better and you will have your neighbours stopping to admire your garden.

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