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Something to think about for your garden in 2017 (N°1)

Who can believe we are already in February and Spring is just around the corner?

Four Season Garden Maintenance (Bradford) have been looking at what is new for this up and coming gardening season.

We are all desperate for a bit more colour after a cold, wet and grey winter so we thought we would share a few ideas and a bit of inspiration out to you to get you in the mood.

Gardening can be a slow process, particularly if your vision includes large slow growing oak tree or you are waiting for that amazing perennial to grow into the gap that you put it in two years ago.

You can change perspectives in your garden to deal with this and create clever interest through planting up containers, pots and antique items.

Chris's Tip: "Just remember to put drainage holes in your creations".

By using some clever props you can create instant interest - (a bit like throwing down a beautiful colourful rug in a magnolia room) it pulls it all together until we get that collective bloom in Summer.

After all, like all trends and arts gardeners tastes do change and the bigger-named garden centres are selling everything to get you through the door from an all day breakfasts to baubles with your kids names on.

We think this year it will not be about spending hundreds on ceramic planters and hardwood boxes. It will be about less geometric styles, and a more 'organic' approach such as using what you have. Painting something old out of your shed or embracing it as it is and filling it with a vibrant annual or a beautiful alpine, grass or succulent.

The clean and modern straight lines and squares seem to have lost their way, and old fashioned with character is coming back. After all the less you spend on pots the more you can spend on plants. A great excuse to support the smaller nurseries and help them stay open.

Another great tip from Chris at Four Season Garden Maintenance: "No matter what shape your lawn is, give it a crisp clean and tidy edge. The finishing is as important as the weeding and maintenance if you want your garden to look cared for".

Gardener Shipley, Bradford, lawn edging

If you want a free consultation on how to make changes to your garden please contact us and make great use of our Garden Services in and around Bradford - We can do the work and you can sit back and enjoy your garden.

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