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Leeds Parks Past, Present and Future Exhibition

Roundhay Park Leeds

Bradford gardener Chris Jackson will be visiting a famous Leeds garden on Sunday 30th April.

Leeds Parks Past, Present and Future Exhibition

Four Season Garden Maintenance are interested in the free exhibition at the Roundhay Park Visitors’ Centre which is to celebrate World Parks Week.

World Parks Week is not just of interest to those who provide garden services in the U.K. It is important for all communities across the world.

“Horticulture as opened a whole new world for me” Chris Jackson explained when I asked him about garden services near me. “We need to look after our green spaces and gardens, not just in Bradford and Leeds but across the globe”.

World Parks Week is an opportunity to celebrate our parks and green spaces.

The week is organised to:

* Communicate the critical importance of parks in a global context

* Promote best practice by learning from other parks services

* Encourage people to enjoy their local park and appreciate the importance of green space

The exhibition is over 3 days on the following dates:

29 April, 2pm: Guided park history walk 30 April, 2pm: Guided park history walk 1 May, 1pm: Talk: history of Leeds parks

(The walks are subject to the weather).

The main exhibition programme features displays, an image slideshow and activities for children. A super opportunity for free day out with family of all ages and backgrounds in nature and the fresh air.

The exhibition displays will remain on view from 2nd May – 7th May so don’t worry if you can’t make the weekend.

* The exhibition shows how Leeds parks have changed over time.

* See a new collection of images of Leeds parks through time which were by given by members of the public.

* The exhibition and its findings are part of a major research project into public parks.

* Find out why public parks were first created

* How their founders hoped they would transform the city around them.

* Discover which parks in Leeds are the most popular

* How parks are used and how they benefit the public

* What challenges parks currently face

* Explore people’s hopes and fears for the future of public parks

* Discover about parks at a time of financial cutbacks and growing demand for access to green space.

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