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Lawns During Autumn

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Chris Jackson at Four Season Garden Maintenance has this advice about your autumn lawn care plans.

Autumn began officially on Friday 22nd September and doesn’t end until Thursday 21st December for 2017.

At Four Season Garden Maintenance we love the autumn and it’s ever changing colours.

Now is the time of year to definitely take advantage of the skills and knowledge that a trained horticulturist can offer.

Chris Jackson who is a fully qualified horticulturist and provides garden services in Bradford says you can be reassured with professional companies like Four Season Garden Maintenance by checking they are a member of the Gardeners Guild.

This is a guarantee that your gardener has had their credentials officially checked and acknowledged and that they have the extensive plant knowledge to back it up.

October is the perfect month to be sorting out those niggles with your lawns.

For lawns need that improving, now is the time of year and before the first frosts.

Tasks for Four Season Garden Maintenance around Lawns and their care…

· Scarifying

· Top-dressing

· Aerating

· Feeding & Weeding

· Renovate old lawns

· Last chance to sow seed for the year

· Create new lawns & turf laying

· Neaten up edges create some clean shapes

Your lawn can be affected by toadstools and other spreading fungi, tufts, dips & holes all of which can be rectified with a plan and some regular maintenance by your gardener using the methods above.

Four Season Garden Maintenance recommend that you keep your lawn free of leaves particularly wet ones as they block out the much needed light and the essential flow of air penetration a healthy lawn requires.

Our professional leaf blowers make light work of this and certainly speed up the process.

Find us on the internet search - Gardener Bradford or take a look at our web site

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