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New Year – New Garden Ideas - Part 2

Four Season Garden Maintenance offer local gardening services for Bradford gardens and we would like to welcome you to part 2 of our January blog.

After all the festive celebrations it is lovely to get back out into the fresh air and into the garden.

January is a great time to purchase a new shed in the sales, start with your own compost bin or may be add a couple of water butts to your garden. Making these kind of changes early in the year will let the garden re-establish naturally around them again before spring.

If you require some inspiration or support just Google search ‘garden services near me’ and or use your local Bradford garden centre for advice.

Four Season Garden Maintenance have already built up a substantial amount of information on Pinterest – it is free to join and use and you can put the app on any computer device and even your phone.

If you want it to be ‘good to touch the green green grass of home’ this year start now with small alterations to your lawn. Your lawn will more than likely not need cutting just yet but either way don’t let it get too long making a light top cut if you have to.

This is a great time to deal with dips and bumps in your lawn but please remember to wait for a mild day and do not walk on your lawn if it is frosty.

Always remove the leaves from your pond if you have one. Never break the ice if you need to check water levels, poor on some hot water and melt a hole. Check your liner for leaks often. If you need to replace your pump or liner this year January may be a good time to get the best deal pricewise.

Another good job for January is to clear the leaves and twigs etc. from your gutters. Cleaning gutters is a messy job and can be dangerous depending on how good you are with ladders. Failing that give your local garden service a call as it might not be worth the hassle and let the professional gardeners sort it for you.

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