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Allotment Challenge or Challenging Allotment?

It is nearly spring again and the seasons seem to come around really fast. Four Season Garden Maintenance are already receiving calls and enquiries about their local garden services.

Would you like to fulfil a dream of owning an allotment?

There are lots of great reasons why an allotment would benefit you and your family…


It is proven to improve both your mental health and your physical health.

· It helps you to socialise and you benefit from being out in the fresh air.

· Gardening is a fantastic form of exercise.

· You get amazing satisfaction from eating something you have grown yourself.

Four Season Garden Maintenance say “yes it is true, veg does taste better”

Sadly, Bradford gardens are in decline because people are opting for places to park their cars rather than use space on a beautiful garden. So an allotment is the perfect way to do your bit for the Bradford ecology as they create the perfect habitat for bees and other local wildlife.

In 2017 Four Season Garden Maintenance worked on their first allotment for a lovely customer at the Queens Road site in Bradford.

This lady had made a commitment to take on an allotment then had an illness which prevented her from digging and getting the heavy preparation work done.

She looked up garden services Bradford and came across us at Four Season Garden Maintenance.

We visited the site to get a true picture of its condition. We were able to provide a great local gardening service. We were also able to recycle all the green waste on site straight in to the compost heap which kept costs down.

Before -

Our team transformed the plot within the day and the plot went from an overgrown field to a fantastic blank canvas.

So please do not be put off from getting an allotment there is always a way.

After -

A professional gardening company like Four Season Garden Maintenance will help you create an allotment specifically to meet your needs. Your allotment can be designed as high or low maintenance as you require.

Four Season Garden Maintenance cover all areas and are happy to provide green garden services to all allotment owners please contact us for guidance and support.

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