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‘The Autistic Gardener’

Chris Jackson fully qualified horticulturist and gardener was truly inspired by Alan Gardner and his devoted team on channel 4’s ‘the Autistic Gardener’.

Four Season Garden Maintenance were approached by Specialist Autism Services to be part of their Supported Employment Programme we were thrilled to be asked.

Specialist Autism Services (formally known as Sacar) was established in 1999 in Bradford due to increasing demands from parents/carers of people with autism.

They are a non-profit organisation that works for and with adults on the autism spectrum across Yorkshire, spreading autism awareness nationally.

They make a positive difference to the lives of their members and through person-centred support they create opportunities for people to build confidence, develop social skills, increase independence and fulfil their potential.

Four Season Garden Maintenance who offer garden services throughout Leeds and Bradford are very open to creating opportunities in the very near future for individuals with autism.

Chris Jackson commented that "it is not about Four Season Garden Maintenance giving to charity or about what my business can do for people with autism; it’s about what these individuals with autism have shown they can do, not just for my business but for many businesses based around the Leeds and Bradford districts.”

Grown and maintained by the members of Specialist Autism Services

Specialist Autism Services support their members closely through the entire employment process. This is right from the application stage, interviewing through to travel training and attendance and support within the role.

As founder of Four Season Garden Maintenance I can be assured that Specialist Autism Services will help transition their members of the Employment Programme with their unique autism specific support confidently into an apprenticeship with my company.

Four Season Garden Maintenance are hopeful and very honoured that they will soon have their very own ‘Autistic Gardener’.

Do you think your company could provide an apprenticeship for an adult with autism? Please contact or

Telephone 01274 789789 and ask to speak to the Employment Team.

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