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How To Look After Your Garden During A Heatwave

Well we have had some absolutely scorching temperatures in the UK this summer, but they have had adverse effects on our plants and gardens. Our gardens are looking scorched.

What can we do to save our garden during this weather?

First of all you will need to prioritise...

Water your newly planted plants first. Your older ones will be a bit tougher.

Always avoid watering at peak temperatures during the afternoon as the water will leave scorch marks on leaves and foliage.

Evenings are the perfect time to give your garden a much needed water. It will give them enough time to soak up the water in preparation for the following day.

If you have the space try and move your potted plants in to a shaded spot.

You might be as well creating a shady spot with bamboo canes and some shade fabric which is really cheap to buy. You could even use your old golf brolly to protect your favourites.

Shade will prevent your plants from going yellow in the hot sun.

It is a good idea to add water retaining gel to the compost of patio pots at the time of planting, which will reduce how much water they need.

Aquagel sachets or similar products are ideal for baskets, pots and containers, this also available at most discount stores and is cheap to buy.

When you do water, water directly at the base of plants, rather than over the top. This will ensure the water gets to where it needs to be.

Many of our customers have very parched lawns, don't keep then as short and don't worry, as soon as it rains it will probably come back.

You will have to mow less frequently and raise the blade heights on your mower if you can to reduce the stress on the lawn.

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