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Your October Greenhouse

Four Season Garden Maintenance discuss the little jobs that need doing to keep your gardening schedule running smooth and pest free. There are some great tips for any one with a greenhouse in their Bradford garden. Chris Jackson Fully Qualified Bradford Gardener reminds us not to neglect the condition of our greenhouse.
  1. This month is a great time to clean out the greenhouse to get rid of any gardening residue where pests and diseases might want to hide for the winter.

  2. Follow this up with washing your greenhouse windows to let in as much of the disappearing daylight that is possible.

  3. Bubble wrap is a perfect product to line your greenhouse widows with for insulation, be prepared as those night-time temperatures start to drop.

  4. If you haven't already fit your greenhouse guttering and get a water butt, to make good use of all our autumn rain.

  5. Remove all the fallen leaves from your greenhouse guttering weekly to ensure water butts fill up.

  6. Put any tender plants in your greenhouse such as tropical type plants.

  7. October is when you can plant your Amaryllis bulbs in pots and keep them on a warm windowsill to get flowers by Christmas.

  8. To keep your potted citrus plants and fuchsias frost free bring them inside over winter, keeping them cool but away from the frosts.

  9. You could still sow your quick-growing microgreens, such as kale and mustard, for nutrient-rich pickings in just a few weeks, but you might have to bring them in the house after this month.

  10. Be more vigilant with your watering, you only need to add water sparingly as the weather turns cooler and the days get shorter.

  11. You can sow sweet peas in deep pots for early flowers next summer.

  12. Inspect all the plants that you bring into the greenhouse over winter checking for any pests and diseases.

  13. If you grew lots of onions and garlic spread them out on your greenhouse staging to dry them thoroughly before you store them.

  14. Plant your prepared narcissus bulbs (Daffodils) to produce fragrant indoor blooms in about 10 weeks taking you to the middle of December.

  15. Pot up the roots of your lily-of-the-valley to provide fragrant winter flowers for around the house.

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