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Tips To Make Your Garden Look Tailored & Clean Cut

Edge Your Garden Like A Professional

Any gardener will tell you that making a nice neat edge around your lawns and borders is just the best finishing touch you can apply.

When the areas of your garden are finished with a sharp edge it instantly pulls it all together. It looks smart, organised and cared for.

Those straight edges are like the cherry on the cake if you like things to look neat, tidy, tailored and clean cut.

You can buy lawn edging tools for as little as £5.00, if you have problems with your back be sure to buy a lawn edger with an extra-long handle to take some of the strain out of it. You could also use a spade particularly if you are cutting the edge for the first time.

Don’t get too carried away when cutting your first edges, if you take too much off you won’t have the option to change shapes if you so wish.

If you are going for straight lines use a line of string to get the distance right before you start digging.

You can buy aerosol grass marking paints now if your wanting to mark out ambitious shapes.

Even if you are wanting to add sways or curves on your lawns and borders, a clean-cut edge will be the finishing touch.

Good edges also serve a purpose when it comes to weeding, because they help to keep beds separate and they will stop garden weeds creeping and spreading. 

When creating a border or re-shaping your lawn getting a good edge is always the first step. It helps define the shape and direction for you to work from.

Neat edges will also help you with mowing the lawn. You are less likely to go over your plants. 

When you are cutting your edge, put a slight angle on it to prevent the edges dying and going brown and patchy. Slope the cut so the wide edge is going in towards the border.

A pair of long handled edging shears will help you keep on top of things. When you cut your grass, you can nip of the long bits and pieces with your shears.

If your soil is fine and sandy and your lawn edges crumble easily you can add lawn edging.

There are a few varieties in the garden centres made of wood, metal or plastic, but Four season garden maintenance recommends Everedge it is strong easy to fit and will last a lifetime unlike most available.

Adding lawn edging will help when mowing as the mower will not drop of the edge of the lawn and shave overly short patches around the grass.

Some edging does let the edges of your lawn dry out quicker so you must consider this when you are looking at closing your edges in.

This is where you can get creative with lawn edging. There lots of different looks to be achieved using different materials. 

Things such as:

Upside-down terracotta plant pots


Wine bottles

Small concrete slabs

Crazy paving

Re-cycled tyres

The list goes on but it depends on what look you are going for.

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Dec 08, 2020

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